Re: [bbfcl] Southern 43000-series PS-1s

D. Scott Chatfield

I did some digging on Kadee's website and it looks like they've only done cars from Southern's 262865-262899 series (assigned to CNO&TP).  These were 50-ton cars with DF loaders built in 1960.  Pullman lot #8586.

This makes sense from Kadee's standpoint since they started doing these cars before they had a cushion underframe.  But they could also do cars from Southern's 34903-34917 group, built in the same lot but with different internal fittings.  

And now that they do have a cushioned underframe, they could do the 43000-series cars.  Stick 100-ton trucks under them and Bob's your uncle.

I know I've seen a Kadee double-door 50-footer on a layout with a 43000-series number (maybe George's?) but it must have been a custom paint job, not a Kadee factory job.

Considering how many single door 50-foot PS-1s Southern had, I'm surprised Kadee has never offered one (at least to my knowledge, and there's none listed on their out-of-stock list).  Since they have done CofG and Georgia & Florida, whose cars were eventually repainted Southern, why not?

Scott Chatfield

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