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George Eichelberger

The reason Kadee has done only that car is simple…I think.

Until very recently Kadee has not made a Morton roofwalk. Although that was the far and away favorite of the Southern, for some reason the one group pf PS cars were built with Blaw-Knox rectangular style roofwalks. To Kadee’s credit, they would not sell a model missing that part. I expect now that they have produced Morton roofwalks (and brake steps?), we will see more Southern box cars from them. They have one coming out in January. I’ve pre-ordered a couple but I expect they are sold out already.

Another Kadee car I’d like to see in Southern is their 70-ton covered hopper. The issue with that is not the roofwalk, it is the roof. The hatch spacing on the Southern cars is not what they sell. I sent them the correct SR roof drawing several years ago, no luck on that yet.


PS To “test” metal roofwalks, they set concrete blocks on the ground at Hayne Shop, set a piece of roofwalk between them and had shop guys pile on until the Morton part sagged. As you might expect…we have the memos!

On Nov 5, 2018, at 6:43 PM, D. Scott Chatfield <blindog@...> wrote:

I did some digging on Kadee's website and it looks like they've only done cars from Southern's 262865-262899 series (assigned to CNO&TP).  These were 50-ton cars with DF loaders built in 1960.  Pullman lot #8586.

This makes sense from Kadee's standpoint since they started doing these cars before they had a cushion underframe.  But they could also do cars from Southern's 34903-34917 group, built in the same lot but with different internal fittings.  

And now that they do have a cushioned underframe, they could do the 43000-series cars.  Stick 100-ton trucks under them and Bob's your uncle.

I know I've seen a Kadee double-door 50-footer on a layout with a 43000-series number (maybe George's?) but it must have been a custom paint job, not a Kadee factory job.

Considering how many single door 50-foot PS-1s Southern had, I'm surprised Kadee has never offered one (at least to my knowledge, and there's none listed on their out-of-stock list).  Since they have done CofG and Georgia & Florida, whose cars were eventually repainted Southern, why not?

Scott Chatfield

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