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Where’s the beef?



I look at data and at trends.
Based on the following data either folks interested in Southern Railway are visiting some other discussion groups that are well “concealed” or interest in this “Fallen Flag” is in steep decline.
I even suspect the numbers in the Yahoogroups (and the one migrate) include a “goodly” percentage of very inactive members or some whose mail is “bouncing.”


Recent message counts:

At Yahoogroups:


                                 Southern_Railway                                           Southernmodeler

members                           896                                                                 825


                 October 2018       3                                                                   2      

                 November            1                                                                   9

                 December            2                                                                   6

                 January 2019       2                                                                   3

southern-railway-system (migrated? Files seem to be)

members 745


                        October 2018                       3

                        November                           11

                        December                             5

                        January 2019                      31

ModelingtheSouthern (no migration)

members 17



                                      October        10

                                      November      8

                                      December      0

                                      January 2019 2


I’m personally interested in modeling so it looks like it is really falling  in limbo. Yes, I’m interested in the history (particularly- steam focus) and I know that has declined since 1953 <g>


So before every one climbs my back and wants to castigate me for my posting --- I have done a bit in past years.
And even my files transferred with the group that migrated INCLUDING the documents regarding Southern Railway paint from headquarters circa 1946!


Based on data it does appear the Fallen Flag is falling. Interest  is losing ground.

So.... anyone? Is there  secret group,

Gordon Andrews
STILL modeling the Murphy Branch June, 1942.

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