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George Eichelberger

A couple of questions for “where’s the beef”……

Is someone “internet savvy” because they know DNS, DHCP, NTP, TCP/IP, UDP and a raft of other technologies or do you just have to use Google, Snapchat and email to qualify?

You gave some examples of “old school”, what do you consider “new school”? You basically said “prototype modeling” is old school, is just having “SOUTHERN” on a RTR model is good enough? Is attending a RPM meet, NMRA, NRHS or SRHA convention in that category? How about visiting one of, at least four, railroad museums with actual Southern Railway equipment in operation or on display? Would “new school” have ever built any of the accurate resin SR models or purchased a RTR “Big John” or waffle side box car?

Without any of that, why claim to be a Southern modeler?

I guess the question is….does “new school” do anything that does not use a keyboard or monitor?


On Feb 2, 2019, at 4:05 PM, milepost 131 <mp131.ghandrews@...> wrote:

I tried to just reply to the person who sent two cents- really.

So now I'm relegated to "old school"- guess new school is just "sort of : looks like what I think Southern should have been" ??

As one who still builds from scratch and cares about prototype-- (try to find an accurate Shake and take model of Bryson City  NC depot <g>  If your are correct about "us" not being savvy (big giggle) who are the  800 plus from the Yahoogroups? We were doing THAT more than a decade ago.

I "personally' don't think much of  "look what I just bought" posts where  folks can give a terse "Attaboy" message. Even more grating is when the purchase isn't even "Southern" just something with an incorrect Southern paint job. (call me rivet counter) Call me a troll if you must but if it isn't Southern and you don't know it... why post it in a group related to Southern  unless you are just in need of "fellowship."  I get my fellowship at "church" <G>

Guilty as charged- I've been modeling  a lot of years. I did it while making a living and raising a family. Sad to say my sons were interested in C&O (not CSX) N&W, and ATSF so I was even spending time with those road interests as well as their sports AND as a BSA leader. I had just as much time as my boys do now with their work and families.. I found the time. 

As for aging... I resemble that remark.
As you can see by this post ... I can even find time to do things on the net... I find the time if it is important for me. Tomorrow I might not reply until after the game... if then.

But if I am wrong and you are right.... then perhaps this group and maybe even SRHA have seen their day and we should just go out to an internet store and buy whatever is on sale ---no need to be interested in Southern Railway- it's old school

The Rolling Stones once sang "Its only Rock and Roll (But I like it)" So I guess this is close enough: It's only SOUTHERN Railway  (But I LIKED it) 

Now.... where is that N&W J .... I need to slap Southern green and gold on it. Maybe a red roof... get me some of them Attaboys and likes. Get myself modern and new.

Yessireee. Born Again in the RTR anything goes new world. Wooooweee!

Gordon Andrews
still modeling The Murphy Branch - June, 1942

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