Re: 1.5 cents from "the old school" from ---where's the beef thread



I'm not sure, but I feel based on your response that my post made you incensed.
I'm sorry if you took it personally-it wasn't meant that way.
You originally ask where all the interest of years ago on here has gone and if there is some secret fallen flag group.
One word, Facebook, it seems to have everything.
Do I like it, NO, but I use it because it has much traffic and its what most folks seem to find as the evil necessity. 

By what I stated I wasn't talking down the "old school" way, we (Yes I can admit I'm getting old) are the connection to that history for those that never saw SR outside a museum or in pictures.
We have seen operations and events that weren't documented readily or sometimes at all and can model from actual experience.
And there are fewer and fewer that have lived through this and every year we lose more, just one example Jerry Laboda last year.

The SR interest is still there but sharing has changed, everybody seems to be to busy.
The house phone & computers its mostly a thing of the past, now most communication is done by smart phones so that evil social media, Facebook, seems to prevail as the easiest media to communicate.
However It has lots of trolls, AND NOT YOU, that are smart asses just because they know you can't climb through facebook and kick their asses. (I personally watched Robert Harpe share on a FB group last year and get harassed, one of the masters of SR modeling!) 
Now most organizational conventions or meets are regional at most, they are still active just not on websites or in print much as that takes time and someone has to update them.
Local hobby shops/shows have given way mostly to internet stores.

What I call the "new school" SR modelers have never experienced SR when it was just a for profit company hauling freight/commerce (The pretty and the ugly) and not as a special operating or static display, so they are bound to lose some specifics and details as its not always feasible for restorations to be done back to 100 percent original.

In addition there always has been and always will be some that just want to run trains and don't care if its prototypical or not.

Life is short and nothing is forever so enjoy scratch building or running trains, pleasing yourself the only one (Besides the wife) that really matters. 


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