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A&Y Dave in MD

Actually my brother works for a company selling fax services (server based but distinct because the source and receiving machine must connect in real-time). They are required in legal and health arenas.

And I started learning railroad modeling on Usenet before email was favored.  I try Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook...whatever helps me learn.

I model the Southern because of my grandfather. I have kits of any Southern items prior to 1955 I can find and build my own when they are not available. I have enough projects to last my life unless gene therapy extends it (ok by me).  I can learn from NYC or N&W or SP modelers as easily as those interested in the Southern, so I go where my questions are answered well. The hobby is a part of my life’s leisure activities so I am not 100% available to talk or type or ask. So I “go dark” when busy.

The beef is sliced thin and served rare.

Dave Bott

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Now when was the last time you used a fax machine?

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