Re: Bulkhead flatcar drawing in April RMC

George Eichelberger

As the bulkhead flat drawings were received after the Southern stopped tracing all car builder’s originals, most were never microfilmed and are not available on aperture cards but….the drawings, usually on vellum or blue prints are in the SRHA archives. I will be heading up to Chatt this Friday and Saturday to help get things organized for the April work session and the Archives grand opening during the SRHA/NMRA convention. If we can get some help, we can start to organize and scan the car builders’ drawings this weekend.

B&O/SAL/ACL bulkhead flat drawings may also be in the aperture cards the ACL/SALHS got from CSX that are also at Chattanooga. (Only the L&N decks have been moved to the L&NHS, all of the other CSX predecessor drawings, if they were microfilmed, are also in the SRHA archives.

Anyone that may want to work this weekend, please send me an email in case plans change for some reason.

I’ve attached a partial jpg of SF-1978, the General Arrangement drawing for 100-T bulkhead flats 114500-114549. Note that although the Gen Arrt drawing was traced (from 61-15393) and has a SR drawing number, the drawings referenced on it are car builder drawings.


On Mar 27, 2019, at 11:38 AM, D. Scott Chatfield <blindog@...> wrote:

Since we were talking about bulkhead flats, by coincidence the April 2019 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman has an article with drawings about Thrall bulkheads built for B&O, D&H, L&N, N&W, the Southern, and CofG in the mid '60s.  The drawings are specifically about the B&O cars which had cushioned draft gear but they are still useful for someone wanting to build a Southern/CofG car.

Scott Chatfield

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