Re: operations on Berry Branch and Jasper Al.

George Eichelberger

Scott is certainly correct about data in the SRHA archives. Here (attached) is one page from Northern Alabama Rwy Val (valuation) section 2 that covers the line through Jasper as it was documented for the ICC valuation study. These records show all of the ICC accounts for all val sections in a state. Account 16 includes depots. All of the ICC accounts are described in the scan of the ICC booklet I sent to the group some time ago.

While their data starts out being “old”, 1916-1926, it appears the Southern kept them updated well into the 1950s (notes in yellow on this example).

There is an archives work session scheduled next weekend. In addition to plain old “work” we need to get done, there will be time for people to look up, and help organize, whatever interests them. The archives will also be open during the SRHA convention the end of the month and the archives grand opening on June 1st.


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Welcome to the group.  I don't personally have any knowledge of that line, but we might have some info in the SRHA Archives in Chattanooga.

Scott Chatfield

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looking for info on the branch and the line thru jasper.
I am building that locale set in earl 80's
thanks in advance

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