An early low-bulkhead flat

D. Scott Chatfield

The Southern was definitely ahead of its time.  We generally think of low bulkheads are being a very modern thing.

Note the very low bulkhead, Hydra-Cushion stencil, but still has ribbed-back wheels.  One of 25 cars #d 115750-150774 rebuilt by Evans in 1964 from series 120998-122997, which were pulpwood "racks" rebuilt in 1956 from _gondolas_ in the series 175000-176344.

Stenciled as return to Rome, GA, so presumably this transformer came from the GE plant there.

49'9" over the pulling faces because of the cushioned underframe.  Otherwise the body is a typical 40-foot fishbelly sidesill flatcar of the prewar years, even though they started life as low-side gons with straight sills.

Scott Chatfield

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