Re: SRHA has purchased all of the WrightTrak Southern freight cars

Thomas Sullivan

Ike, I would be interested in the gondola and flatcar. My interest are an earlier era ie 1900-1920.
Anderson, SC

On Jul 1, 2019, at 2:50 PM, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:

With so much going on getting ready for the archives dedication, the SRHA BOD has not been able to finalize planning for the WrightTrak models, but we are getting close.

I expect the first model we will put back into production will be the Southern bay window cab. We will have a drawing pack on the Grab web page along with the model body and some etched parts. Our logic is that modelers interested in assembling accurate resin models (and to keep prices down)  will have trucks, couplers and other detail parts so SRHA does not need to provide them. We will provide a list of correct parts with the body shells. When I say "in production", To avoid tying up cash for inventory waiting to be sold, we will produce a dozen or two dozen at a time for people that pre-order with a small quantity for first-come first served orders.

I would like to see the 53' PS gon, the 40' low side gon and the 40' flat car available. If there is enough interest (let us know!), we will produce coil steel covers for the 53' gon. In fact, please send any comments on which models we should produce, etc.

The 53' gon has always been a favorite of mine because of all of the variations the Southern used it for. I've attached two photos of kitbashes I have been working on. I don't think it would be possible to do either model without drawings in the SRHA archives. One version was modified and used to carry carbon electrodes to produce aluminum. It has fixed and movable bulkheads to keep the heavy electrodes fro shifting and breaking. The second photo has to be one of the most complex models I've ever attempted. They were modified (from the same 53' gons) to carry track panels for the reconstruction of Inman Yard in Atlanta. I have never spoken to anyone that worked with them that had anything good to say. Track panels (on the bottom of the stack) were moved through other "drone" cars until they reached a "master" car that included a boom to lower panels out the far end.


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