Southern 114000-114149 bulkhead flat cars

George Eichelberger

A cross posting from the MFCL..

Southern 114000-114149 were built by Thrall under New Car Program (NCP) 186 in 1978. The Thrall General Arrangement drawing is 5-M-001-40, stencil is 5-M-003-50. Virtually ALL of the drawings for these cars are in the SRHA archives at TVRM, some have been digitized. If there is any interest, I can post drawings and photos on the new SRHA Southern Railway modeling group 
Although I have not attempted the project yet, I have several Intermountain (?) center beam flat kits that could serve as the basis for this car?
I’ve attached a nice Gary Anderson photo of Sou 114146 taken in Mulberry, FL in May, 1982.
Sou 114146 bulkhead flat Mulberry, FL 5-92.jpeg