Greenville 100 Ton aggregate hoppers

Almufti Hishman

Here are two 100 ton aggregate hoppers I have done.
103373 is scratchbuilt, before the Walthers hopper came out. (Yes, I will claim the Dabney award for building a model then seeing a commercial release.)
Not that I was sad about Walthers making this car. I wanted a bunch.
101523 is an undecorated Walthers car, with wire grabs and ladders, slope sheet braces, brake piping and bracing, and more.
Decals are another story. I tried to piece the stenciling, a frustrating failure.
Enter Mr. Hubert Mask. I sent him copies of the many photos of 103373 I had taken about 1988 in Raleigh, and he created the set for this car.
Mask Island Decals have been a blessing for Southern modelers.
Jeff Oliver