Southern 43000-series PS-1s

George Eichelberger

The aluminum doors on these cars were the result of Alcoa complaining to the Southern that they were a huge shipper but the railroad was not buying enough aluminum. The complaint led to aluminum doors, Silversides the all-door cars and Big Johns.

There are several memos on the problem in the archives. I suspect few of the aluminum doors lasted until the roof walk was removed, etc, fork lift drivers showed them no mercy.


D. Scott Chatfield

Did you notice the 100-ton trucks?  I hadn't before seeing this shot.

I sure many of you have one of Kadee's double-door PS-1s with "aluminum" doors.  They must be popular because they keep redoing them.  Well, I don't have one, because I never shot one with aluminum doors.

I assume the aluminum doors were replaced when the running boards were removed, brake wheel lowered, and ladders cut down.  Is this a correct assumption?

Scott Chatfield