[bbfcl] An early low-bulkhead flat

D. Scott Chatfield

Tom Mack asked:

> any suggested starting point as a good basis for one of these cars?

I mentioned the fishbelly sidesills because I wonder if the old Athearn 40-foot flat might work if you cut off the stake pockets?  I don't have one to check.  Or just cut new sides from styrene.  Since the deck is just plate steel it's probably easier to scratch the body than modify an Athearn.  Besides, doesn't the Athearn ride too high?

Use the old Cal-Scale Hydra-Cushion detail set or shorten a Details West underframe.

I don't >need< one but I might build one for the heck of it.  I've already begun scratchbuilding a Trailer Train 68-foot bulkhead flat and plan to do a couple other Southerns, so what's another one?.....

Scott Chatfield

George Eichelberger

Re: Bulkhead flat 115757 (Southern series 115750-115774)

An interesting car! The series was modified by Evans and renumbered in 1964 under Special Car Program (SCP) 754 from wood racks 120998-122997. They were 50-ton capy cars built in 1938-39 per diagram book page F-2111. (Available from the SRHA grab but there are not many left.)

The 120998-122997 cars were themselves rebuilt from 175000-176344 50-T D.D.B. gons.

The SRHA drawing list shows three drawings used for the modification. I’ll check the microfilm but they have not been scanned yet. (Scott, a good project on our next trip to Chattanooga.) The rebuild drawings include: SF-21257, -21316 and -21877. The last drawing shows the side sill modification. The photo of 115757 shows the plate welded along the entire side sill. (Note the photo also shows an 8-38 blt date that corresponds to the 120998-122997 series wood racks.)

With these cars’ “pedigree” there are a lot of drawings but I expect modeling one would be mostly a scratch-built project.