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As I expected my question about  the propensity to post messages didn’t result in a lot of new “modeling the Southern” posts.


So as the consummate glutton for punishment:




In the other Southern Railway group:


in the Files section there is a file “Official Colors 1946!”

This file has two images (JPG) of a document I received from Southern Railway (Washington DC) in the mid-1960’s. It is a document they put together in 1946 for Model Railroader magazine. On request for information this is a document they sent me.


Some modelers in this group might be interested.

Some modelers might not know about the other group that migrated from Yahoo and their files.

so my next model related thought:





My layout is an attempt to model parts of the Murphy Branch, June 1942.


I'm interested many facets, structures, local industries, rolling stock, traffic etc. etc. etc. I've done multiple  projects and have many in progress.   Often I combine photos and documentation to first create full scale drawings, then create scale drawings, then create models.

For instance, I created 3D files to create an accurate Hutchins end and roof- SU box car- N scale then created RTV molds and resin casting. 


Currently one of my projects is the depot in Bryson City.


I have a few photos.. the earliest circa 1957. Typically photos are of the front of the depot. I have a circa 1937 map that seems to confirm the freight portion of the depot was shortened after 1937. I have found no circa 1940’s photos nor photos of the rear in same era.


Unfortunately, my layout for the depot will “reveal” the back so I’d like to get it right. I have a suspicion (no facts) that through the years the back was reconfigured and modeling the current “view” would be wrong for 1942.

SO I'm looking for information to get the depot CORRECT. <g> My experience is that one I finish a project - the next week new information appears.


Another project I’m working on is drawings for 7500 gallon tender. I’m going attempt a model of #1288 (sad to say it looks like she was never “green and gold” but I’m curious about the 7500 gallon tenders. Exactly why they even were-- the water facilities when they were modified were still fairly prevalent…. In the case of 1288 I even wonder whether this one was because of the grades.


Now all of that being said.


Yes, I could post a few photos but will ask beforehand how the moderators want to do that.


I could have posted them in-line with this post BUT then they go into a folder format that is general and not subject specific. Or they could go into a folder of my own “labeling” or they could go into folders as specified and set for better group access. (Yeah, many moderators at haven’t tackled this issue. <G>


In addition, if you look at the way “migrated” groups are changing photos to help members find them is also a problem…


So moderators… consider that too. I even have the original document mentioned above, a text file of the data, and images that I could load to this group <G>. I also have a .WAV file from the 1960’s of Walter Dove’s wonderful whistle of 1401 which was on 4501 so the Smithsonian could get a recording… but may be Southern modeling is the wrong interest group.

Gordon Andrews