PWRS/NARC Pullman 5077cf boxcars (HO)

D. Scott Chatfield

PWRS/NARC is Pacific Western Rail Systems and their manufacturing arm North American Rail Car, not to be confused with the prototype North American Car Company (NACC), a freight car lessor whose assets were bought by GE in the '80s.

Anyways, PWRS/NARC is releasing a model of Pullman's exterior post 5077cf PS-1.  Several variations actually.  One they are doing in their first release is the ex-Railbox 14000-series cars that were dumped on the Southern circa 1983 when Railbox defaulted on the notes.  (Or something to that effect.)  These cars were simply restenciled SOUTHERN and for the most part were used to hold down the rails on otherwise abandoned trackage for several years until being sold to Montana Rail Link around 1988 (if memory serves).  They just need to find one modeler who is modeling one of those long storage tracks and they'll sell out. Perhaps someone who loves modeling trees and weeds but hates turnouts and is scared silly by DCC?

But my real point in typing this is not the ex-Railboxes, but to suggest the idea of using their earlier 5077cf body (which they are selling as Penn Central and Conrail cars) to model the Southern's thousand car fleet of similar 5023cf Pullman boxes, several orders in series 32975-33974.  Like this one:

The main difference from the Penn Central model is the shape of the sidesills, the type of door (I think all the 5023s came with Youngstown doors), the vents on the top of the ends, and the end ladders since the 5023s were built in early 1966 and thus had running boards.  

Oh yeah, the 5023s were only 55-ton cars.  I'd love to see the memos on that reasoning.  How many 55-ton boxcars were built after that?  (Not many.)

The model could also be used as a stand-in for the later, taller (Plate C), 5219cf cars in the 38000-series.

When I get my hands on one of these models I'll report back.

Scott Chatfield