SOU 116100-116195 series bulkhead flats

D. Scott Chatfield

Does anyone have an equipment diagram handy for this series of "wallboard flats"?
I have some questions about them, such as the design of the deck.  It appears to be a "composite" deck, a mix of steel channels and wood planks.

This is series of bulkhead flats that looks similar to the old MDC model, which is based on cars built by Thrall for BN/C&S and the Milwaukee.  Those have a 56' inside length.  This Southern car has an inside length of 50'0" or 50'6" depending on which source you look at.

I'm also curious about the trucks.  The Jan 1980 Equipment Register states they have 5'8" wheelbase trucks (a nominal "70-ton" truck) even though they are 93-ton cars.  They should have 36" wheels.  The photos I have of these cars appear to show standard 100-ton trucks.

I'm trying to decide if cutting one stake pocket worth of deck, about 4'5" of length, and making a new deck is worth the bother.  Also need to make that very long cushioned draft gear.

Scott Chatfield