locked E8 Questions

Curtis Brookshire

I have a few questions regarding SR E8s. NCTM is closed right now and I do not have the Withers Diesel book to reference, so I must inquire from the diesel historians here.
1. Were the E8s delivered without the rooftop air tanks and extra water tanks flanking the fuel tank? I'm under the impression they were.
2. If so, when were they converted? I saw plans for ceiling mounted water tanks used in F3s dated 1952 so I guess the E8s might have been around then.
3. There were two oval tanks flanking the fuel tank, one fore and the other aft. Were they both for water or was one for steam boiler fuel?
4. Why did they configure the E8s and some F units with rooftop air tanks and extra water tanks and not the E7s or E6s (or did some also get this conversion)? Did the E8 steam boilers use more fuel/water?
Stay well everyone,
Curtis Brookshire
Pine Level, NC

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