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George Eichelberger

Tim Andrews tells me a tiny amount of water blew under the door at the archives, otherwise TVRM is okay. The CSX Tyner branch has a washout.

Unfortunately George Walker’s house and E. Brainerd neighborhood was hit by a tornado leaving damage to both.


PS I posted a request for folks to make donations to TVRM the other day. They are shut down but still have bills to pay.
This may be the time to say, if you are interested in the history of the Southern Railway or helping the largest operating rail museum in the SE, NOW is the time to stop leaving the work to others and go to the TVRM web site and make a donation!

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Wonder if the storms last night damaged anything at TVRM?
Rodney Shu

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Southern Railway official car No 5 (disguised as NS No 8) arrived at Chattanooga this afternoon. It will be set on trucks tomorrow and moved to the TVRM Soule Shops to be restored as Southern Railway OC No 5. It was converted by the Southern from Pullman “Point Richmond” in 1956.

If anyone wants to help with putting it into service, please contact me or Tim Andrews at TVRM.



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