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Remember that most people in China have never seen an American locomotive. Also I have seen manufacturers use the same body shell for different paint schemes,not really researching what is correct for that road.

On Friday, October 26, 2018, RamblingReck <ramblingreck@...> wrote:
 I have been looking at purchasing the Walthers F7 models.  The numbers offered, though, do not seem to match the configuration very well.  The models have dynamic brakes and steam generators.  My research shows that A-unit 6717 never had a steam generator and A-unit #6714 never had dynamic brakes.  A-unit #6119 gad a steam generator added in 3/52 and dynamics brakes added in 11/55.  However, roof tanks were also added, probably at the same time as the dynamic brakes.  B-unit #6178 is at least plausable in that it came from the factory equipped with a steam generator with dynamic brakes added in 1954.  The truth is that only a handful of F7 A-units (maybe 5) ever had steam generators.

Am I wrong or am I being too picky.

John Ryan

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