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George Eichelberger


Southern Railway contracts 183 (New Albany Belt & Terminal 11-11-1890), contract 184 (New Albany Belt 7-24-1895), contract 442 (Joint Use of Tracks at New Albany, IN 5-28-1908), contract 652 (Joint Use of Passenger Station at New Albany, IN 1-2-1917), contract 653 (Pitts-Cincy & StL tracks at New Albany, IN 1-2-1917) and contract 931 (Southern-PRR crossing at New Albany, IN) all cover agreements at the north end of the K&IT bridge but I do not see a reference, or drawing of a “loop track” except on the street railway. The attached drawing from contract 442 shows the K&IT tracks off the bridge but only a far toward the river as Main St. I’ve been across the bridge and to where the tracks split but do not remember a track under the bridge.

Maybe someone can look at the drawing and help?


On Apr 14, 2020, at 7:50 PM, Michael Shirey <pcrrhs6561@...> wrote:

Looking for some help finding photos and or information on the Southern railway by-pass loop off of the north end of the K&IT bridge in New Albany, Indiana. Southern had trackage rights on the B&O to loop around and under the north end of the bridge then westward on the east and west district line.

Thanks, Michael Shirey 

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