locked Re: Southern K&IT Bridge

Stephen Warner

Ike and all,

The K&I Bridge did indeed leave Youngtown with a loop turning right/east and then under the bridge to run west toward Duncan Tunnel and Huntingburg.   In 1969 I patrolled that trackage between Huntingburg and the K&I Bridge on Fairmont M-19 Motor Cars.  As I lived until Feb. '70 in New Albany, I could hear the Monon running behind my apt. house on Bono Rd. north of the bridge morning and night.  The B&OSW also came onto/off of the bridge from the NE, then passing our Youngtown Yard and Floyd St.  As your JF Files showed, we had a separate JF there, and had the (then) Operator count cars to share the maintenance.  When I was there, besides DI Tower at the north end of Youngtown, there was KI Tower on the bridge (N. end?) with the original Operator handling the Interlocking.  I believe that he was K&IT.  I spent a few evenings there - he had a hobby to "collect" the Radio Car Numbers of the slave trains as they went by.   Sometime after I left, SR built a LH turnout somewhere on the N. end of the bridge and a ramp west down to the Main going toward Duncan Tunnel.  The PCC&SL/PRR never crossed the bridge as far as I knew, and was not a petty to the Five Line Agreement; we got to them (now LNA&) via the Panama Track on the Levee, but connected with the Monon north on Vincennes St. .  The Five Line Agreement was my specialty later in JF, and I spent much time there and dealing with the remnants of the Monon/Soo/CP/CSX as we shut down the agreement.  At one time CP/Soo ( ICC-granted TR on Monon that they refused to give up after CSX abandoned their Monon operation) had one train in and out, and we handled the switching, Interchange, and Loco servicing in Youngtown.   Before I retired, I walked the remains of the Loop Track - not much left then, just a short weedy lead to what used to be an industry just to the east with a troublesome turnout on a sharp main line curve.  But the most interesting thing was the roadway for vehicles that ran along beside the K&I Bridge Tracks. It was shut down decades ago, but I recall that it was barricaded off to traffic the last time I saw it. One day in the '90's I was with the Term. Supt. and we got a call to go with the Special Agents to the old K&IT HQ.  It was a beautiful Victorian mansion in a residential area, that someone had called in a trespasser.  It was like an office bldg that everyone had  just gone home expecting to come back the next day.  Strange and haunting.  One of my memories that stay with me.

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