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Thanks! One of my NS projects was to put a fiber optic cable across the bridge so I was all over the K&IT ROW in ’12 and ’13. I could not have missed a track passing underneath. Of course, we worked with local NS folks that would have known about the loop but the subject never came up.

For the first time in many years, I drove over the bridge on the old NB highway lane (following an NS special agent). I don’t know when the bridge was closed to auto traffic but I remember crossing it (cost $.15?) years ago. The locals wanted to open a bike path/walking trail across the bridge but I don’t expect that happened?


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For those of us that were born and raised in Louisville, KY or just across the Ohio River in Indiana the "Southern Loop" is well known.  Your map shows the Southern Loop (yellow line) splitting off the B&O about a 1/2 a block past the point where the B&O splits off the K&IT trackage coming off the K&IT bridge over the Ohio River.  The Southern track which was the original mainline then loops around to cross under the K&IT tracks.  This arrangement was replaced when the Southern redid their alignment in the 1970's and split off the K&IT right at the end of the bridge bypassing the Loop and the street running.

The attached photo shows train #120 crossing under itself as it heads WB off the K&IT bridge.  The new alignment wiped out this trackage with the fill for the new alignment running through this scene right about where the photographer is standing.  If you visit New Albany today you can still find the loop right-of-way in places if you know where to look and the overpass in the photo is still there.  Although it is obscured by trees now.

Stuart Thayer

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Southern Railway contracts 183 (New Albany Belt & Terminal 11-11-1890), contract 184 (New Albany Belt 7-24-1895), contract 442 (Joint Use of Tracks at New Albany, IN 5-28-1908), contract 652 (Joint Use of Passenger Station at New Albany, IN 1-2-1917), contract 653 (Pitts-Cincy & StL tracks at New Albany, IN 1-2-1917) and contract 931 (Southern-PRR crossing at New Albany, IN) all cover agreements at the north end of the K&IT bridge but I do not see a reference, or drawing of a “loop track” except on the street railway. The attached drawing from contract 442 shows the K&IT tracks off the bridge but only a far toward the river as Main St. I’ve been across the bridge and to where the tracks split but do not remember a track under the bridge.

Maybe someone can look at the drawing and help?


<442 New Albany, IN.jpeg>

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Looking for some help finding photos and or information on the Southern railway by-pass loop off of the north end of the K&IT bridge in New Albany, Indiana. Southern had trackage rights on the B&O to loop around and under the north end of the bridge then westward on the east and west district line.

Thanks, Michael Shirey

<SOU 3137_Tr 120_New Albany  IN_5-73_coll SThayer.jpg><442 New Albany, IN.jpeg>

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