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George Eichelberger


Working with Walthers, or other manufacturers is something we always try to do but personnel changes can break our contacts. We did receive a request from Walthers about the F-7s quite some time ago but I do not know if our drawings made it into their production plans.

I think it is correct to say SRHA has provided data for every accurate SR model since before the Model Power E units were produced. We never charge manufacturers for what we provide because we want to contribute to having accurate Southern prototypes available to modelers. All of the Jim King/Gary Wright kits made extensive use of SRHA drawings; more than 50 for the SR bay window cab, I’ve lost track of how many Exact Rail used for their fabulous “Big Johns”. Their new cast steel bulkhead flats are likely using the bulkhead drawings we sent to them with a reminder that they would go perfectly with the flats they already sold.

Sometimes our input effects what they produce. When we were asked to review the artwork for N scale FTs (from SRHA drawings), we reminded the manufacturer that they needed to include road numbers on the nose of the units. (They were on the FTs as delivered, never on passenger units and eliminated when D.W. Brosnan thought they cost too much to maintain.) It turned out Santa Fe units also had them so they were added to the artwork for both roads.

We always respond to Hubert Mask, of Mask Island decals as quickly as possible because he makes an effort to  make items available ASAP. I owe him a stencil drawing for the sliding door brick cars today. As soon as Arrowhead announced their Southern (ex NS) Bethehem 3-bay hoppers and undec kits we sent the drawings for the NS cars to Hubert, he had the decals available within a week! 

When the manufacturers invest their time, money and effort in accurate models, it is up to us modelers to support their work by buying those items. If anyone has not seen the Arrowhead hopper, check out their website (then order a few!) We are working with Blain Hadfield of Arrowhead on a CofG/Southern prototype that will fill a niche for anyone modeling those roads plus several others.

When we work with someone on future products, we can never really be certain the model will be produced. They have to allocate their resources to items they think will sell. The larger the manufacturer, like Walthers or Athern, the more “competition” we have for them to produce Southeastern prototype modelers. We can overcome that only by buy what they offer….


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What's is really interesting is that none of the other Walthers F7's that I saw had steam generators.  If they had just used dynamic brakes there would have been quite a few suitable matches.  I presume that the SRHA wasn't involved.
John Ryan

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