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Don Yelverton

Good to hear from you. I looked at these also. These models are not the Proto series but the Mainline series and maybe comparable the older Proto 1000 series that included the Southern Phase II F3s and the DLs. From what I've read, these F7s do have the Proto chassis so they are probably a step above. Most of the Mainline series models do not have the correct detailing that you would expect to see with the Proto series. I felt they were over priced as well. Most of the Proto units I've looked at appear to be based on a certain time frame resulting in details that Walthers deemed appropriate for whatever reason, be it photos or hear-say. Both Ike and Rick are correct in their statements as well. 

Don Yelverton 

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What's is really interesting is that none of the other Walthers F7's that I saw had steam generators.  If they had just used dynamic brakes there would have been quite a few suitable matches.  I presume that the SRHA wasn't involved.
John Ryan

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