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Jason Greene

A wood deck. That would make for a different model. Might have to save these for a future project. The layout does have two pulpwood yards. 

Jason Greene 

On Apr 30, 2020, at 8:14 PM, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:


Here are three wood rack items from the SRHA archives.

The first “pulpwood loading instructions” explains why the cars’ floor needed to be sloped inward.

The second is a stencil drawing showing measurement marks along the car side sill to determine how much was in the load, and,

the third is a very nice drawing of the wood racks converted from 36’ box car. Note the end view shows how the sloped floor was constructed on the box car floor.

PS Something to discuss another time…the wood grain drawn on the ends of the boards describe exactly what kind of wood was to be used.


<SF-30044 pulpwood marking.jpeg>


On Apr 30, 2020, at 5:35 PM, Jason Greene <jason.p.greene@...> wrote:

Did these cars have flat decks or were they sloped?

Jason Greene 

On Apr 30, 2020, at 3:06 PM, Robert Graham <rgraham2@...> wrote:

The car coupled directly behind the faded SOU PS-1 40ft XM is one of the SOU Spencer Shops rebuilt pulpwood racks, empty. Behind it on an adjacent track is a gondola. I've attached a photo I made Jan 2 1970 in Burlington NC of one of those LP's rebuilt from 40ft AAR boxcars by Spencer. I am somewhat surprised none of the members of this august group recognized that iconic Southern Ry pulpwood rack!

Bob Graham


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That strange car you’re talking about looks like two cars.  One on the near track is a bulkhead flat and the one beyond is a gondola.  I might be wrong but that’s what it looks like to me.
Ed Locklin at mp367.
From: George Eichelberger
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Subject: [SouthernRailway] Southern P-S 40' box car 262054
In looking for a photo of a HO model produced by Kadee (the model has black paint on the ends, we have talked about them here) for a question on the steam era freight car group, I sent the attached photo of Southern 262064 as “evidence” it is likely only the one car produced by Kadee, Southern 262063, had black ends.
Looking more closely at the Oscar Kimsey photo taken of 262064 at Augusta, GA 5-21-73, I see a real “mystery” gondola with high ends (usually for loading pipe). I may be reading the road number 60608 wrong, or there is a missing digit, but I cannot find any similar cars in the Southern freight car diagram books or the RER.
Does anyone have any ideas what it is? The Southern did not use the “SOU” reporting mark in 1973 and it is in a completely wrong place on the car.
<SOU LP 128873 view 2 BurlingtonNC 01-02-70 BobGraham photo 5x7 dpi300002.jpg>

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