locked Re: Proto2000 Southern Boxcars

George Eichelberger


Quite true, “ModelingTheSouthern@groups.io” is a subgroup. I don’t like the .io set-up as the subgroup is not obvious. You have to join them separately.

I am both a modeler and a “historic” type. We know the modelers always feel a bit out of the loop with historical groups and societies and the non-modelers may not be interested in less than 12”/1’. Us having two groups let us work with both…


On May 5, 2020, at 9:57 AM, Tim <tarumph@...> wrote:

Is there a seperate modeling group here on groups.io? The title of this group, if you look at the Home page is:

Southern Railway Historical and Modeling Information Interchange

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

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