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Robert Graham


I checked and found I have a couple of the LifeLike SOU 50 ft doubledoor end door equipped auto boxcars. As you have been assisting with questions on the suitability of these cars as accurate SOU models, but indicated you were not familiar withthese models, I took the liberty of unboxing and photographing them, along with the portion of the instruction sheet that provides specific steps for modelers to more accurately represent specific named RR's. The SOU cars are included in these specific modification steps.

I hope these 5 poor cell phone photos give a little more light to these cars and LifeLike's model kits.

Bob Graham  


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Are these the P2K kits?  The first SR 50 ft DD boxcars were 10'-0" IH and you have to kit bash these.  Theo others can be made with the P2K kit see attached chart.
Also attached is a photo of 2 50 boxcars (Bob's Photos) showing different side sill arrangements.  The first one 39242 was taken in the early '50's as can be seen by the reweigh date.  This car has pretty much the original side sills.  as the cars aged they added bracing as can be seen by the second photo (1955 or later) of 39592 with the added side sill.  Depending on the era you model you need to be aware of the side sill length and depth.
Hope this helps

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I have two of the 50' Automobile Box Car kits SOU 42010 and 42022.  I don't know if they are accurate, but this is what the instructions say: "For this prototype, four roads had straight side sills (CB&Q, NKP, SRR, SP) and two roads had notched side sills (ATSF & NYC).  The body is correct for the straight side sill version; if you are modeling CB&Q, NKP, SRR or SP no modification to the body is needed."

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