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Thanks.  I bet those sales are why a lot of the photos of depots (from non-valuation sources) were dated in those time frames.  Those photos may have been documentation of the status/condition before sale/removal/abandonment by the railroad for insurance, financial or legal reasons.

BTW, I think the ICC "types" that I described for section houses on the CF line reflected the focus on the ICC Valuation:  value.  The whole point of the valuation was to document the value of the railroad properties to adequately determine depreciation, appreciation, and compensation.  They weren't interested, per se, in identifying architectural features, but in current state, cost to replace, etc.  There is always a danger in interpreting "data" for one purpose (like historical understanding) that were collected for another purpose (like valuation).  It always helps to understand the reason the data were recorded/collected.

Dave Bott

Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 2:30:08 PM, you wrote:

In addition to removing many steam servicing facilities, the Southern dismantled or sold (to be removed from company property) many depots and section houses in the early 1950s. The attached form letter was for a section house at Maplesville, AL sold to Mr. J.D. Wallace for $155.00. From this, the ICC Valuation Records would reflect the change during the next bi-annual (6-30 and 12-31) rerport to the ICC.


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