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Unfortunately, I had a complete set that were loaned to someone and never returned. For years, I have asked if anyone knows of them and if they could be returned. The “loan” was long before it was possible to make high quality scans so we do not have a digital version. My (rather large) Asheville HO layout has a spot reserved for the depot but without something resembling accurate plans, it will not be built. A custom builder, using early 3D printing technology made a beautiful model and offered to make another for me. I responded to his offer but never heard anything from it.

The drawings were given to me by a friend in Sarasota, FL in the early 70s. He had obtained them from the City of Asheville but I have never been able to locate his source. Maybe someone living in the area could make some inquiries?


PS The archives include quite a few photos of Asheville Yard and a number of track layouts and VAL maps over the years. Asheville, like many other locations on the Southern, “needs” a comprehensive article in TIES. I’ve attached a partial drawing re-used to show new steam lines from the Asheville power house.

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Have you seen any drawings of the Asheville Station? If so I would love to have a copy of it for my project.


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There is an extensive set of microfilm, now scanned, drawings of Brookwood (Peachtree) Station in Atlanta in the SRHA archives. All are partial views of the architect’s plans in the very detailed style of the period when buildings incorporated significant stone work. (One example is attached.)

There is also a good size file on the planning, construction and opening of the station, conceived to be an Atlanta station stop that would not require trains to go to and from Atlanta Term Station from Howells.

Even without a potential TIES article, reconstructed, even re-drawn, drawings would be a valuable addition to the archives. If anyone is interested in helping, or has an idea that may be useful, please contact SRHA at archives@....



<Atlanta Peachtree Sta 2.jpeg>

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