locked Re: Peachtree Station Drawings

Kyle Shannon


I have a drawing of the Butterfly shed for the Asheville platform that I can bring to scan in the next work session, whenever that is.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 2:12 PM, sgwarner88@... wrote:

I always enjoyed boarding 20 and stepping down from 19 at this "suburban" station.  I expect that the SRHA files may not have one interesting aspect of it, though, since NS was diligent to trashing records a few years after I retired.  Working under the NRPC authority in the early 2000's for NS, we were experiencing spalling from under Peachtree Road, threatening Amtrak engine crews boarding the engines under it.  I met with GA. DOT as well.  After researching the history, we found that the small parking area in front of it was actually on top of the old Peachtree Road, and the same parking area overpass was actually GA DOT Peachtree Road RofW.   GA DOT had to fix it, by first installing a net to catch falling concrete pieces (and after avoiding their responsibility by closing the space for a while).  So, who would have thunk it?

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