locked Re: Hogshead cars

Jason Greene

They would have worked well in coke service. Knock the sky lights out and unload through the side doors. 

Just kidding of course. 

Were they not used in the furniture industry after tobacco service? 

Bob Graham said they were tested in beer can service, delivering empty cans to the Miller plant in NC I believe. Maybe he can refresh the story. 

Jason Greene 

On May 25, 2020, at 10:04 PM, D. Scott Chatfield <blindog@...> wrote:

A few questions about the ever popular hogshead cars.

1)  Where they ever in interchange service?  Especially in their original role of hauling tobacco "hogsheads".

2) I think most of them spent their later years hauling tires, especially from the plant near Spartanburg.  When did that start?  When did they last haul tobacco?  Were they used for anything else?

Scott Chatfield

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