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Robert Graham

Absolutely they were in interchange service. They (all 3 types; original Coster Shop built dutch roof single door & flat roof single door; and P-S built flat roof double door) were in use hauling tobacco in and around the flue cured belt area in north central NC and southside VA for years, well into the post-NS merger era in the mid 1980's. A fair number even got NS paint and reporting marks. They also were seen in and around Lexington KY at the burley leaf processing plants of the major tobacco mfr's. Their classic, and original purpose was hauling tobacco for export to the Port of Morehead City NC, replacing 40 ft boxcars in that service. Most hauling of tobacco hogsheads ceased after the start of NC imposed a leaf processing tax by poundage on tobacco ageing and processing. This had the almost immediate effect of closing significant leaf processing facilities of major tobacco products mfr's (note that this did NOT affect production of retail tobacco products) and resulted in a surplus of these cars in the NS fleet. They finished their service lives early in the 21st century hauling truck and aircraft tires from Goodyear's Danville VA plant and believe it or not, hauling aluminum can coil stock on pallets to my employer's can plant in Reidsville NC; we had 6 of the P-S built double door cars in assigned service from Reynolds Metals Co Lister Hill Alabama to Reynolds Metals Can & End Plant in Reidsville NC. NS gave us a 50ft boxcar rate on these cars for an 85 ft IL car, that allowed us to place 3 additional coil pallets in them over the 60 ft double door cars were had been using. We ceased shipping by rail in 1998 by new owner edict. Goodyear ceased shipping tires in these cars in the early 2000's, and decided to ship products by truck. The cars disappeared from our area shortly thereafter; most had been in service for 40 years.

Bob Graham


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A few questions about the ever popular hogshead cars.

1)  Where they ever in interchange service?  Especially in their original role of hauling tobacco "hogsheads".

2) I think most of them spent their later years hauling tires, especially from the plant near Spartanburg.  When did that start?  When did they last haul tobacco?  Were they used for anything else?

Scott Chatfield

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