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A&Y Dave in MD

If you can find the result, that would be great. History is always in danger of being lost, just when it seems safe something changes.

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This was throughly hashed out years ago on the old yahoo group. You may have them saved in your saved emails.  I’m not sure if you can still go back and find the old yahoo group and search the messages. I may have a chance to look it up tomorrow. 

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 On the steam freight car list (STMFC) there is an excel sheet which has the reweigh and repack location shop codes compiled for all US railroads mostly by Richard Hendrickson and primarily based upon an analysis of 1950's era car photographs (mostly). Cars had to be reweighed, and restencilled if certain amounts of change occurred.  In early days, this could be every year or so, and the shops reflected in one era may not work for other time periods.

Is there any chance that the SRHA archives has data on the shop locations and codes that the Southern would use for reweigh and repack stencils in any era, but particularly in 1934? I'd be very happy to see that list.  I suspect the shop codes changed somewhat over time.

Has such a list already been shared/published and I just missed it?   If not, where would such information (accurate by time period) be found?

If no such list or data source exists, here's what the latest STMFC data sheet has for Southern.  Anybody have suggestions (please indicate WHEN the info is appropriate if you can):

ALX Alexandria VA
AUG Augusta GA
CHAT Chattanooga TN
CIN Cincinnatti OH
FN Finley Yard AL Birmingham Hendrickson
HE Hayne Shops SC Spartanburg Hendrickson
IN Inman Yard GA Atlanta; also INM Hendrickson
INM Inman Yard GA Atlanta; also IN Hendrickson
JS Jacksonville FL
K Knoxville TN
MDN Meridian MS
MN Macon GA
N Norris Yard SC
SR Spencer NC

Richard Hendrickson was a fine historian, but he was not directly interested in the Southern, so I suspect there would be some improvements to be made by this group.


Dave Bott


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