locked Cooling Pipes on Southern E-6s

George Eichelberger

I have always liked how the Southern's modified E-6s looked.. As soon as I saw the Proto 2000 E-6s I have wanted to modify one in the same style.

The pier panels on the body castings Athern uses in their Fs are almost precisely the same (correct) dimension as the panels on the E-6s. After quite a bit of very careful cutting and filing, I am reasonably happy (see photo) with the result. In addition to the modified sides, the roof mounted aftercooler pipes are one of the "signature" parts of the units.

BUT, there is a problem. All other piping on Es and Fs is just piping, the E-6s have 4x4" cooling fins. I can cut dozens of fins from plastic or brass, then drill and mount them on pipes but I am not certain that can be done with the accuracy and appearance anything mounted on a diesel's roof needs. Any ideas?


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