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George Eichelberger


Thanks for the reminder about the Wayner book. Another book I suggest is “Midwest Florida Sunliners” by R. Lyle Key Jr.

Most of the material in the draft of the Sunbeam article is from the SRHA archives. Because that is “primary” reference material, I usually start assembling an article with it before I do a deep review of published work. Hopefully, the combination of sources helps fill in most of the details. Although there is an entire file on the postwar Sunbeam, I need to look into “passenger” files for all previous years to find memos or correspondence that might also refer to the train. Dining car files, for example.

As is common with this type of research, it can be like a chain reaction. The Sunbeam to Cincy leads to which NYC trains carried the cars from there., etc., etc.


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Have you seen the consist for the Florida Sunbeam departing Miami on December 25, 1940 published in Wayner's Passenger Train Consists of the 1940? The Pullman names could be crossed checked with the Pullman A/C register assignment, but one definitely assigned to NYC car was the 6 DB Buffet-Lounge, Dover Plains (which I photographed in the early 1990s). Southern Rwy. cars are represented by a heavyweight combine, coach, and diner. SAL's contribution was an American Flyer coach. Its AF coaches and combines appeared frequently in the Florida Sunbeam over the years.

The consist that Chuck gave of  no. 5 on December 11, 1949 actually should be December 17, 1949 and the source was Louis Newton in his Rails Remembered Vol.2, page 482.

Jack Wyatt

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