locked Re: Cooling Pipes on Southern E-6s

D. Scott Chatfield

[In case anyone was wondering if Ike is nuts, here's your evidence....]

Ike wrote:

>BUT, there is a problem. All other piping on Es and Fs is just piping, the E-6s have 4x4" cooling fins. I can cut dozens of fins from plastic or brass, then drill and mount them on pipes but I am not certain that can be done with the accuracy and appearance anything mounted on a diesel's roof needs. Any ideas?

Um, no you can't.  Well, not to the level of accuracy called for in the drawing.  HO fins would be less than .0003" thick.  And then you'd need about 600 of them, and about 598 smaller spacers to keep them spaced properly.

Okay, so maybe there is a way if you'll accept fins about ten times too thick.  Etch the fins and spacers out of .002 brass or stainless.  (I would think aluminum that thin would be too easily mangled.)  64 of those stacked (32 fins and spacers) would be about a scale foot long.  The fins would be 4.5" square.  The spacers more like tiny washers about the width of the pipe.  Slide them on a thin rod, maybe .010"?  You'll still need about 600 of each.  Have fun!  Don't sneeze!

Scott Chatfield

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