locked Re: Iron Ore trains from Port of Mobile to Tn Coal & Iron (TCI) Birmingham, AL

George Eichelberger

The Southern “ore cars” were 100T three-bay cars (Southern 100000-100249 built by P-S in 1954 (note the date) under Program F-117 as their Lot No. 8127-3. At only 36’ over strikers, the cars were unique on the SR. A photo of Sou 100002 is attached.

There may (!) be information in the archives on the F-117 cars in the SR Mechanical Dept files SRHA has that explains what their intended use was. The “1954” built date appears to correspond to the shipments from Mobile to Birmingham. 

Unfortunately, although the files at, Coster Shop (responsible for maintaining the Southern’s “open” cars) were promised to SRHA, when several of us went to get them, the Shop Manager would not let us into the building where they were kept. I mentioned I would be glad to call David Goode if he had any questions. He response was he would let us in the building after lunch…and then never returned. I suspect (strongly) that he had promised someone they could take whatever they wanted and had no intention of letting SRHA take the files.

I mention that because it follows a pattern seen before. An individual, or local group, obtains important files…does nothing with them and eventually gets rid of them. I’ve asked people around Knoxville for years if they knew anything of the Coster files. No one seems to know anything about them so it’s possible they were simply bulldozed with the buildings.

If anyone is aware of SR files sitting unused in a library or archives some where, SRHA can receive and preserve almost anything related to the Southern.


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