locked Re: Iron Ore trains from Port of Mobile to Tn Coal & Iron (TCI) Birmingham, AL

John Hedrick

Mobile ore movements. I was Trainmaster at Mobile 1970-71. Best I can recall, we moved both red ore and some pellet ore at that time. At one point, some pellet  ore moved in Big Red coal hoppers weighing out long before cubing out. Ore moved on train 154. 154 left Mobile with the two engines that came in on local 69 then swapped power with 153 (4 GPs) at their meeting point. Two GPs handled 5,000 tons so 154 was filled out with ore to the tonnage limit. It would take a number days to move ore.  When at maximum tonnage, the yard engine, normally a GP-30, would shove 154 over the hill just north of the yard. All power was GP.

Reportedly, a  predecessor, who had connections in the control center, arranged to run an extra without clearing it with the superintendent. He got in serious trouble.

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