locked Re: Iron Ore trains from Port of Mobile to Tn Coal & Iron (TCI) Birmingham, AL

John Stewart

Hi John Hedrick


Thanks very much for this information – interesting.


So, it sounds like these car loads were used to “fill out train tonnage”.  That is, if Train 156 had room for more tonnage, and  you had cars waiting, you would add them to that day’s train till it was up to load rating – is that right?




You say it “took several days to move ore”. 


Does that mean that you had the liberty of waiting for “tonnage available” on train 156 to get the ore to Birmingham?  In other words, you didn’t have to get the ore out of town as soon as all cars were loaded, is that right?




Do you recall how frequently ore loads were available, in other words, how often did the ore ships from Venezuela come in, more or less?


Thanks very much




John R Stewart






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