locked Re: Southern Passenger Train Consist Similarities



Some observations on your question #2:

As for a late 1960's Crescent /early 1970's Southern Crescent,

The PS 56 seat coaches and diners, they didn't hold up well and were out of service by mid 60's. Budd diners would have been the norm.

The Crescent would have run regularly wit a master room-2 drawing room-tavern lounge.

Be careful with using 52-seat coach numbers as there were three different built car series which had the same window arrangement but obviously had different roofs, ends, etc.

Since there were only three 11BRM cars (Made from Sleeper-Lounge-Obs cars) they were the exception and probably rarer than say even a 14-4 sleeper.

Also, Bag-Dorm-Coach Bedford is #705.


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