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George Eichelberger


I agree 100%!

People have asked why there is so much “business” data in the Southern 50’ box car book. With the data we have in the SRHA collection, I thought even the “rivet counters” would be interested in knowing why and how the railroad acquired its rolling stock.

People are surprised to hear that almost every SR order for 50’ box cars was for a specific, dedicated shipper. The only “general service” cars purchased were when the Southern decided to enter the “IPD” business with their own fleet. When that concept fell apart, those free running cars were converted to rood hatch services.

I expect every box car order after the 40’ era began with an AFE that described the investment, how the cars would be used, etc. Aside from the financial info, the description of the equipment led directly to the order’s specification and explains how and why cars were set up as they were.

As an example, I’ve attached two draft pages from the second SR 50’ box car book. Note one AFE form is included on the second page. We will condense one section and run it as a TIES article early next year. (A reminder…if anyone would like a copy of the first 50’ box car book (1938-1962), they are less than two dozen copies from going out of print.)

We need to organize and clean up the NCP files at Chattanooga then revisit all that are included in the box car book to made sure we have extracted everything useful. We need to go through that process for the SR passenger car (two volumes) and diesel (draft is more than 400 pages) but that can only happen with some serious help.

I’ll be going up to Chattanooga late this week and again in November.


On Nov 4, 2018, at 11:58 PM, michael <yardcoolie1968@...> wrote:

When I first learned of the NCP folders, the idea occurred to me that a good Ties article would be "How to Build a Southern Railcar."

Having built equipment my entire career, I have sort of taken the whole process for granted. The average Ties reader has no exposure to building equipment of any kind and most only see the result.

The process of going from a proposal, funds allocation, initial specification, project milestones, change orders, product acceptance, et al applied to a specific railcar would expose the Ties reader to an overview of that process and hopefully provide some interesting details about that car.

The NCP files seem to have enough data to support writing such an article.

If this idea seems good, it could be an initial article to introduce the process and a series of articles for selected NCP cars.

If you think it would be of interest, I would volunteer.

Mike Turner


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