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Warren Stephens

I was born and raised on the east side of Lookout Mountain in Chattooga County, GA. I miss it back there. Especially when I am sitting is Atlanta traffic. I hope God smiles on me and lets me go home some day. The photo I am referencing was taken 15th of March, 1955. Southern train #42 can be seen crossing Tuscaloosa Ave. which runs through the interchange trackage on the south side of the TAG yard in Gadsden, Alabama. The train is being diverted over TAG due to a derailment on the AGS at FT. Payne. Based on what we know about the interchange layout from the old SOU Rome, GA to Attalla, AL line, the train would have either had to back all the way from Atallah or it was dragged to Gadsden by another locomotive which was then cut off. Sadly any evidence of this is outside the photo. There is a lot of clutter in this photo. There is a garbage truck stopped at the highway crossing and someones laundry is on the line at the housing projects built adjacent to the TAG yard. I know people love clean roster shots and wedge shots but personally I love pictures with this kind of Norman Rockwell humanity. The clutter in no way detracts from the image, and the train is not hidden in any way. There were 15 coaches and 13 are visible in the shot. This list was in the rough handwriting of the person who owned this picture. If there are any discrepancies, it is most likely not the accuracy of his notes, but rather my inability to decipher his penmanship. Please feel free to let me know if anything is amiss. At any rate the car consist is noted below.

Warren D. Stephens

PRR Cars: 6149 baggage and mail, 9842, 55991, 2328, horse car 5810

L&N: 1508

SOU: 568 express, 6460 mail, 31 postal, 751 combine

N&W: 1660, 1644, 1022 diner

Pullman Co.: Carson Newman College, Emory & Henry College


On Sunday, June 28, 2020, 07:15:26 PM EDT, Byron Osborn <bosborn10@...> wrote:

I lived along the AGS in north Alabama.  I am interested in the make up of the passengers trains that used that route.  I believe the two were the Birmingham Special and the Pelican.  Can anyone help?  Thanks

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