Locked Re: Southern Passenger Train Consist Similarities

Stephen Warner

Marv, When I started riding SR in '64, I used 41/42, 45/46, 17/18 regularly, along with many Oakdale turns on 28/27.  My first ride down the CS was in '69 as Mgt. Trainee.  However, I knew little of what was to come just a few years later in this "Master Plan" for the System. (I also noted the plan for IC/CGA's 9 & 10, which we jointly worked in '67 in Bham, just a pair of years ahead of this).  I didn't know how many combined trains the Washington Div. handled at that time -  these were heavy trains.  Monroe must still have been a busy place for a few hours a day then.  I often rode the four E units south from DC on my trips back to ATL that this consist describes.  Also recall the "gap" that SR/Claytor made by amputating Tenn. between Va. and Ala.  Old DWB strategy that I recall well.  Thanks. 

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