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Warren Stephens

Mose was on the board of directors but his brother Garrison owned the TAG. There is a document in the SRHA archives which lays out pre Southern ownership. Some stocks were registered to Garrison personally and Siskin Steel was shown as the owner of some. Same difference just a tax issue I suppose. I only had the opportunity to speed glance this file once at Kennesaw. This was during an SRHA modeling meeting. Mrs. Sally was overwhelmed with people coming in and just pulling stuff off the shelf and going through drawers. As she was visibly upset I didn’t ask for a proper copy. On one hand I believe I did right by not asking her at that time but I regret not getting a copy. Then the unpleasantness occurred and the archives were moved. I really need a copy of that file for my TAG book but am unsure how to proceed to get it. 

Warren D. Stephens 

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Didn't Mose Sisken own or run the TAG?

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Thanks Warren.  Can  you post the photo.  Sounds interesting.  My home town is Collinsville and I visited the TAG line several times in Gadsden and Leesburg.

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