locked Re: Southern Passenger Train Consist Similarities

Warren Stephens

How many pleasant Saturday mornings I have spent at Collinsville. You will of course know why but we’ll leave the rest to wonder. I still go over there at least once a year. As for the picture, sorry I can’t post it. I have amassed a sizable collection of TAG pictures and other material with hopes of publishing a TAG book. Some day I hope you can have a copy through the book. I would be happy to let anyone come by and look through these. I did let David Steinberg have copies of the diverted Pelican for his Chattanooga Terminal Station book but he has yet to find a publisher. I had hoped to self publish but as an airline employee I have my wallet clamped shut at the moment. Does anyone know a decent rail related publisher?

Warren D. Stephens

On Jun 30, 2020, at 3:15 PM, Byron Osborn <bosborn10@...> wrote:

Thanks Warren.  Can  you post the photo.  Sounds interesting.  My home town is Collinsville and I visited the TAG line several times in Gadsden and Leesburg.

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