locked Re: Silversides lettering color

George Eichelberger


I’ve scanned maybe 4,000 hopper, cov hopper and Silversides drawings and memos…..nothing!

I expect many of the Silversides stencil color changes occurred when the cars were modified with steel replacement parts.
Many of the covered hopper orders left the carbuilders with Roman lettering or were rebuilt (70 to 100T) and were repainted. I guarantee no 70T open hopper specs said “grey paint”.

One problem with lettering, stencil drawings always say the same thing…..lettering as per specifications….but the specs never seem to include anything about lettering colors.


On Jul 1, 2020, at 9:34 PM, mike turner <michaellturner@gmail.com> wrote:

Given that the car vendors built (painted) exactly what SOU specified,
I would suggest a quick scan through the NCP folder for an order of
Silversides that had varying colors.

While it's not certain there will be a justification or reason in the
file, there is a pretty good chance some letter or note will give a
clue since something like that would normally pass through purchasing.

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