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Mark Demaline

 In looking thru more of my SOU slides, I realized I DID have one of the rear of the 4/01/78 train, as I had arrived
at Peachtree in time to see him arrive and let the passengers off the train. I took some head-end photos, and then
stayed until the train departed, getting a photo of the last three cars -- which turned out to be that Amtrak car, plus
two more Southern cars. So here is one showing the rear of that 12 car train.  Hey, I'm getting old, and my memory
is a bit rusty!  ~ Mark D

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Looked thru a few of my slides to locate one showing most or all of the consist, and here is one of  #1, at Duluth GA, on April 1, 1978.
There are 9 Southern cars, with what looks like at least 2 Amtrak cars on the rear.

I had also photographed #1 here two days before, on March 30th, and that train had a total of 9 cars, all of them Southern, no Amtrak.

And on one of my trips to the D.C area in -- I believe -- also 1978, there was a transit strike, and at Alexandria, a good number of people
boarded #2 there, for the trip into D.C.  One of the classiest "commuter" trains there was, to ride into work that day!

 ~ Mark

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