locked Re: White Number Boards

Sam Smith

The white number boards was still an indicator of loco-trol master units back in those days. Loco-trol was the name for the remotely operated Locomotives in mid-train helper service.

Samuel Smith

On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 8:29 AM, Michael Shirey
<pcrrhs6561@...> wrote:
 As I am adding DCC to a new Athearn GP50 I just revived. I notice something strange. The loco I am working with has a white number board #7010 and apone further research. I notice that the Southern 7003-7016 are the only GP50'S to have white number boards. All others in the fleet are all black. Can some one enplane why this is? Not trying to be a rivet counter but I find it interesting..

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