locked Re: New member questions on the St. Louis line


There is a "Freight Train Schedules and Blocking Instructions" for 1979 available here: http://southern.railfan.net/paper/sr_paper.html

At a first glance through the index, here are the trains I see that mention East St. Louis or Louisville or parts thereabouts.
111 East St. Louis to Knoxville
112 Knoxville to East St. Louis
120 Louisville-Centrailia-Galesburg (BN)
123 East St. Louis to Macon
124 Chattanooga to East St. Louis
127 East St. Louis to Knoxville
128 Knoxville to East St. Louis
129 Louisville to Cincinnati
130 Cincinnati to Louisville
160 Macon to Louisville
161 Louisville to Macon
231 Chicago Mt. Vernon Danville (MP [C&EI])
232 Danville Mt. Vernon Chicago (MP [C&EI])
360 Chattanooga to Louisville
361 Louisville to Chattanooga

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

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